Mindful Crafting Group Classes

Arts and Crafts helps Improved concentration skills:

Modern society involves so many distractions — television, advertising, cell phones, video games, and other demands on our time and attention. People are continually multi-tasking and spreading their attention dangerously thin. These factors are so pervasive that many children are now developing attention deficit disorder and associated behavioural problems. Art can help with this.

Enhances brain productivity-

The increase of dopamine caused by creating art and craft enhances the creation of new neurons, which promotes focus, concentration and readies the brain for learning. By creating art, you strengthen the connectivity between the brain’s left and right hemispheres, in doing so boosting psychological resilience and productivity.

Stress relief-

A study in the American Journal of Public Health titled “The Connection Between Art, Healing and Public Health” found that those who engaged in art experienced “reductions in stress and anxiety” and “increases in positive emotions.” When you become immersed in creating art, your mind is able to break away from pressing or distracting thoughts and really focus on the task at hand. This creates a meditative state where concerns are momentarily forgotten, in doing so lowering stress levels and creating mental clarity.

Here at Custom Designery-

We are offering group classes of 8 or more people in the Los Angeles area for Children and Adults . You can come to us or we can come to you. Pick the project for your group and leave the rest up to us. 

Some of our past classes have included flower arrangement, hair accessory making, t-shirt & sweatshirt design, slime making and party decorations.

Please call us for more details at 310-755-9311 .