Gardening engages kids by providing a dynamic environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn. Gardens are living laboratories where lessons are drawn from real life experiences and filled by a child’s innate curiosity and enthusiasm, resulting in an environment that encourages them to become active participants in the learning process. Let your child express their creativity and their own design with their own garden.

    This large Fairy Garden Kit comes with more accessories than our medium one and includes everything needed. 

    Please note that the clay pot is out of stock. You will get a large plastic bowl.

    Every package includes:


    1 large bowl (plastic clear)

    1 bag of dirt

    1 bag of natural rocks

    1 bag colored sand 

    1 bag colored rocks

    2 succulent live cuttings

    3 fairies

    3 animals

    1 set leaf table and chairs 

    2 mini bottles of fairy dust

    1 fairy house 

    1 bench or gnome (based on availability)

    1 bag of moss

    15 mini flowers

    more surprise items included

    Many of these accessories are affectionately hand crafted and slightly vary from kit to kit - giving each garden it’s own unique touch.  

    All you need is your imagination and you are ready to go!